The Electrosteel is an experiment to try to use the expressive power of the pedal steel guitar interface for synthesis control. I'd like to release it as a product with Snyderphonics, at some point.

The current prototype has 12 strings, 5 foot pedals, and 5 knee levers (vertical lever on left knee). It does not actually have vibrating strings - the strings you pluck are damped, and just used for plucking and muting detection. A sensor detects the bar position of the left hand.

Electrosteel 1 Electrosteel prototype rev1.

Electrosteel 2 Electrosteel prototype rev1, top view. Apologies for the poor focus.

Electrosteel circuitboard Electrosteel circuitboard rev2

electrosteel body design Electrosteel body design rev2

electrosteel body design2 Electrosteel body design rev (underside view)

electrosteel being milled Electrosteel body rev2 being milled on a CNC machine.